Small Bathroom Remodeling Solutions

If you’re lucky, the bathroom in your home is spacious. But for many of us, there isn’t enough space to comfortably fit everything we need. The bathrooms in the average home are often relatively small. The secret to designing a small bathroom is in the planning. Even the smallest bathroom will function better (and look better) by following some clever design tips.

7 Ways to Maximize a Small Bathroom

1. Use Every Inch of the Space

Storage is always at a premium, and small bathrooms can be challenging. If you’re short on storage, consider installing a wall-mounted sink or a vanity beside your toilet. You might also consider choosing a smaller toilet or sink if possible. Today’s sinks come in various shapes and sizes and take up less space than previous options. A built-in medicine cabinet and a compact vanity can provide significant storage space.

2. Clear the Clutter

A cluttered room is the number one culprit for making a space feel even smaller than it is. Get rid of any items you no longer use. Use baskets or bins to organize and store your toiletries and other essential bathroom items. Leave only the absolute essentials out on display. You’ll be surprised how spacious your bathroom will feel after decluttering and organizing.

3. Add a Clear Shower Door

Adding a clear glass shower door or clear-plastic shower curtain is a great way to save space and create less visual clutter. Smoked, etched, or other decorative patterns create a visual barrier and segment a room. If you have a shower curtain, bring it closer to the ceiling to make the room look taller. Installing a curved shower curtain rod that hooks onto the side of the wall can also make the area seem roomier.

4. Choose Light Tones

A bathroom with light-colored tile and cabinetry will feel more spacious and open than a room with darker tones. Light-colored tiles, such as white or cream, reflect more light and make the room feel brighter. If you’re worried about stained tiles, choose porcelain or ceramic tiles that are stain-resistant and easy to clean. You can use darker-colored grout to add texture and visual interest. Selecting a light paint color for the walls will make a small bathroom feel more spacious. White bathrooms remain popular because they are light and bright and create a sense of space.

5. Opt for Large Floor Tiles

Using larger floor tiles is a great way to trick the eye and make a room look bigger than it is. Larger tiles look less ‘busy’ than small ones and will make the room appear larger. If you want to make a small bathroom seem even larger, you can go one step further and use grout the same color as the tiles you select. Keeping the color uniform creates a seamless transition throughout your bathroom. Steer clear of highly patterned tiles as they will visually ramp up how ‘busy’ the room appears and can make it appear more cramped.

6. Reflect the Space With Mirrors and Lighting

A large mirror will reflect any natural light and make the room feel more spacious. If your bathroom doesn’t have the space for a large mirror, try installing several smaller mirrors around your bathroom to achieve the same effect. Consider bright lights, such as LEDs, to illuminate dark areas. Decorative, hanging lighting can take up too much vertical space in a small room – recessed lighting is usually a better choice for small bathrooms.

7. Consider a Pocket Door

Doors can be awkward, especially if it opens inward toward the toilet or bathtub. Pocket doors slide in and out of the wall rather than operating on hinges. Installing a pocket door requires a professional. While they add more space, they don’t always create the same level of privacy as a traditional door, so carefully consider where pocket doors may be a good option in your home.

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