Kitchen Storage Solutions

If homeowners have learned anything in the last few years, it is the value of ample kitchen storage. More people are cooking and baking at home than ever before. Improving your home’s kitchen storage can add significant value and convenience to even the smallest space.

Whether planning a complete kitchen remodeling project or a minor update, adding functional kitchen storage solutions is essential. Here are some easy ways to improve kitchen storage and create a neat and organized space.

Clean and Purge

The first step is to do a deep clean and purge. Go through every cabinet, drawer, and storage area. Throw out everything that is past its expiration date or broken. Sell or donate items you no longer use or want that are taking up valuable space. Declutter as much as possible, freeing up space to organize your kitchen items.


Now that everything has been cleaned out and you know what you have, you can make a plan. Professional organizers recommend grouping items together for convenience. Upper cabinets are typically used for everyday dishes and glassware. Use lower cabinets for pots and pans. Store infrequently used items such as pitchers, platters, and holiday dishes on higher shelves. Cooking and baking items should be stored near your oven and stovetop.

Add Storage Solutions

Now it’s time to add storage solutions. Here are twelve ways to improve the functionality of your kitchen storage.

1. Lazy Susans

Add small-scale Lazy Susan turntables to the inside of your kitchen cabinets. These are great for organizing smaller items like spices and oils. Choose Lazy Susans with dividers to make storing items even more convenient.

2. Hooks

Mugs take up precious shelf space and are difficult to stack. Install under-the-shelf mug hooks. Depending on your preferred style, they can be installed under the shelf inside or below the upper cabinet. You can also install hooks inside your cabinet doors to store pans, lids, or serving and measuring spoons.

3. Stemware Racks

Store your stemware in style with a stemware rack. You can hang it underneath a cabinet and showcase your wine glasses or install it inside a cabinet for hidden storage.

4. Shelf Risers

Add shelf risers in your cabinets to take advantage of empty vertical space. Shelf risers help separate items, making it easier to find what you need rather than sorting through tall stacks.

5. Pan Dividers

Add pan dividers in cabinets to neatly organize pots and lids. Placing the dividers perpendicular to the shelf is another option for organizing baking sheets, pots, pans, and covers.

6. Pot Racks

A ceiling or wall-mounted pot rack is an excellent way to store pans you don’t want taking up space in your cabinets. If your kitchen has low ceilings, you can install a pot rack over your sink.

7. Cabinet and Pantry Organizers

Over-the-cabinet door organizers can add additional storage space inside your cabinet and pantry doors. Hundreds of sizes and designs are available in stores and online.

8. Rolling Shelves

Deep cabinets are great until you need an item in the back. Installing rolling shelves with low sides will make it easy to access items in the back and help keep cabinets organized.

9. Magnetic Knife Bars

Free up counter space by installing a magnetic knife bar. A magnetic knife bar can be added on a wall near prep areas and are a terrific alternative to a bulky knife block on your countertop.

10. Utensil Containers

Pretty baskets and containers are inexpensive ways to store frequently used utensils. You can store spoons, spatulas, and whisks in separate containers on your countertop instead of jumbled up in drawers. Attractive containers can enhance the style of your kitchen and keep items organized.

11. Three-Tiered Baskets

Fruit baskets take up a lot of valuable space on countertops. Investing in a three-tiered fruit basket that hangs from the ceiling will let fruit get more air circulation and free up space on your counter.

12. Clear Storage Bins

Storing bulk items like flour, sugar, cereal, and other goods in clear containers keeps ingredients neat and visible. They also take up less space than bulky product packaging. Clearly label each container. Square or rectangular containers take up less space than round ones.

Plan for Kitchen Storage During a Remodeling Project

If you’re planning a significant update to your kitchen, it’s a great time to improve storage. Beyond thinking about what looks good, it’s essential to consider where everything will be stored. Many homeowners find adding drawers rather than traditional lower cabinets a more practical storage option.

Creating stations for different kitchen activities is another thing to consider. If you do a lot of baking, creating a baking center where all of your ingredients, mixers, and bakeware can be stored makes life easier. An experienced kitchen remodeling contractor can offer practical suggestions on making your kitchen both beautiful and functional.

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