Is Your Toilet Running? You Better Go After It…By Hiring a Professional Plumber

plumbing problemsPlumbing repairs and remodeling is a huge industry in the United States. Of all the residential remodeling projects in the U.S. (36% of which are caused by property damage), bathroom renovations are the most requested, accounting for 78% of all renovation work according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Why are bathroom remodeling jobs so sought after? For one thing, bathrooms — their pipes, faucets, toilets, etc. — are prone to repairs and other inconveniences. Secondly, given what the bathroom is there for, homeowners want to do their business as comfortably as possible, which is why bathroom remodeling isn’t a crazy idea at all!

Plumbing problems never quite go away. We’ve all had a toilet that wouldn’t flush or a faucet that kept dripping. But are these plumbing problems exactly? What causes them and how do we get them fixed? To better answer this, here are three common plumbing problems and the plumbing services that go along with them:

    • Dripping Faucets: The dreaded dripping faucet! Many a night’s sleep has been ruined by the incessant drip sound in the bathroom sink that just won’t go away no matter how hard you try. What causes these leaks? When you turn off your faucet, you are actually expanding a rubber or silicone washer that acts as a seal from the water pressure underneath, blocking the flow. However, over time washers can become damaged. Dripping faucets are simply the result of a worn out washer with a small leak. Fixing them means repairing or even replacing the washer itself, which is best left to a professional plumber unless you know the intricacies of water pressure and pipe system engineering!
    • Running Toilet: Running toilets (that is, when the water doesn’t flush properly) are the result of an error in the toilet’s inner workings — namely, that the valve responsible for letting the water in from the tank to the bowl is damaged. It can also be the result of the float being imbalanced, the fill tube not fitting, a leak in the pipes, or a sediment collection. Again, calling a professional plumber should be your go-to option but there are ways to prevent damage in the first place. For example, buying an energy efficient toilet (something 91% of people in a Houzz survey wanted to do for their bathroom remodeling projects) can prevent running toilets from being an issue in the first place!
    • Slow-Running Drains: Clogs are caused by sediment clusters built up over time. Plungers and commercial drain cleaners are effective but sometimes clogs need more professional attention. One thing you can do, though, to minimize clog buildups is to install drain screens in your pipes.

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