The Guide to Plumbing Questions: Problems, Myths, and Solutions

plumbing solutionsPlumbing is one of those important and confusing things that every homeowner has to deal with. It can also be like learning Chinese when you try to find plumbing solutions on your own, and you often end up making tiny problems snowball into major renovations.

Even a minor kitchen remodel that is done right can have a return on investment (ROI) of about 82.7%, so making you sure get a pro in to do the job could be more than a money saver; it can be a money earner. Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to finding quality plumbing solutions, and there’s a lot of myths out there when it comes to DIY plumbing work. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you find yourself in need of some plumbing assistance:

Plumbing problems.
Being able to recognize plumbing problems is the first step in fixing them. You may notice things that are easy to spot, like clogged drains or toilets, and 36% of all plumbing remodeling is due to property damage. However, there can be more advanced problems in your plumbing, such as weak water pressure or a running toilet, that are hard to diagnose without professional plumbing services.

Plumbing myths.
You may have heard that lemons can clean your garbage disposal, or plumbing fixtures can be cleaned with everyday hand soap. One of the worst plumbing myths is assuming that because things can still go down your drain, it isn’t getting clogged. When you buy into these myths, you make your plumbing problems even worse with every day that passes.

Plumbing solutions.
Proactive plumbing solutions begin and end with seeking the help of a qualified professional to make sure you’re not wasting valuable time and letting your problems worsen. Putting off professional service can damage your pipes and fixtures even more, costing you money down the line. The investment is well worth your time; energy efficient toilets can save you tons of cash, and 91% of participants in a recent Houzz survey say they plan to install one during their next remodel. Don’t fall behind on these exciting advancements in plumbing.

Make sure to seek professional advice to make smarter decisions when it comes to finding plumbing solutions. While we all take pride in autonomy, sometimes the best thing you can do is reach out and ask for help.

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