Plumbing Solutions: Understanding Common Plumbing Questions

plumbing questionsPlumbing problems are never fun to deal with, whether you’re fixing a water heater, sink, toilet, or considering remodeling. Plumbing is an extremely in-demand occupation, yet not all plumbing companies are created alike. For anyone struggling with plumbing questions or in need of some expert advice, the below common plumbing questions and myths might help you make better decisions regarding your plumbing choices:

I Do Not Need a Plumber to Remodel
Bathroom remodels are the most popular type of interior renovation (accounting for almost 80% of requests), while kitchen remodels are the second most popular. Most people don’t consider what will be needed in the way of water and plumbing when considering these renovations. Plumbers can help with custom plumbing work (specialized fittings and faucets designs), sink and tile reglazing, as well as repairs and installations.

A Plumber is Not Needed for New Toilet Installations
If you are installing a new toilet and you have plumbing knowledge, then you might not need a plumber. However, if you want to ensure the setup is correct and fully functional, you might at least want to have a plumber come out and check out your install. If you’re opting for an energy saving toilet (as over 90% of people do during bathroom renovations), you will definitely want a plumber to help with this install, to ensure the features you are expecting are set up correctly.

I Can Save Money With a Shower Renovation Fitting Over My Existing Tub
The short answer is yes, initially you will save money with fitting a new shower over your existing one. However, these companies rarely ever mention the cons to this process. What you are doing is putting a fresh coat of paint on an existing problem, especially if your current bathroom has trouble with mold. You will be giving this mold the perfect environment to flourish in (between shower wall fittings) and costing yourself much more money in the long run.

Hot Water is Expensive, Which is Why My Bill Costs So Much
Yes, it costs to heat water, but if you think your hot water bill is questionable, you should call your plumber to have it checked out. Your water heater might not be running efficiently, or may need to be replaced with a more energy efficient model. This could end up saving you thousands in the long run.

Any additional plumbing questions you have should be directed towards your local plumber. If you are currently looking for a reliable plumbing company, seek out a company that not only offers superior, affordable service, but that is established in your community, giving back and demonstrating their local focus.

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