Final touches of a bathroom remodel

Final Touches and Ideas

Your bathroom remodel is nearly done. You’ve invested many hours, and plenty of money in your bathroom remodel. You’ve got the layout and the big pieces in place, but now it’s time to make the final touches of your bathroom remodel and make it stand out. There is a wide selection of styles and options when it comes to the final touches of a bathroom remodel. Homeowners can implement unique details to create the ultimate bathroom experience. Here are a few touches and ideas for those who want to make their bathroom remodel shine:


Adding Decorative Accents

Adding decorative accents is the perfect way to add final touches to a bathroom remodel and give it that extra touch of style. Whether you opt for a simple wall hanging, a few strategically-placed candles, or a cluster of potted plants in the corner, there are many ways to make your newly remodeled bathroom come alive. Mirrors with pretty frames provide a functional touch that also creates an illusion of a larger space. Choose between vintage pieces or modern wall decorations for a refreshing look to complete your remodel. For those looking to add unique items to the room, consider hanging an antique mirror above the sink. Laying down a luxurious area rug brings extra comfort and style.


Incorporating Texture and Color

Adding color and texture can help create a cozy ambiance in the newly-remodeled bathroom. Layering towels and other soft materials can offer comfort while offering personalized designs that reflect your style. Plush rugs and bath mats can add texture and coziness to your new oasis. Furthermore, displaying items such as stacked towels can provide a personal touch and create interest within the room. It’s amazing what adding small touches to a bathroom can do to enhance its overall look and make it more inviting.


Small Details Make a Big Difference

The small details can make all the difference when creating a truly stunning bathroom. Finishing touches like unique knobs and handles, towel racks, art, and personal touches add texture and interest to an otherwise plain design approach. Whether you choose bold finishes or tranquil minimalism, thoughtful detailing will ensure your bathroom remodel dazzles. Choose an elegant glass splashback behind the sink to give your bathroom classic sophistication, or opt for a selection of vintage-inspired tiles in muted tones to bring cozy comfort. Add color and character throughout the room with something as simple as pretty soap and lotion dispensers. 


Creating Ambience with Lighting

Lighting is also a factor when considering creating the atmosphere you want. Adding small recessed lights in the ceiling or downlights around the mirror can provide subtle yet effective illumination for any sink area. Consider installing dimmable switches so you can control the ambiance of your bathroom from dusk until dawn. 


Opt for Indulgent Accessories

Consider adding accessories such as plush bath towels and towel warmers that enhance your enjoyment. To make your shower more serene, look for spa-sized shower heads. These extra-large shower heads will have you unwinding in no time with a refreshing forest rain feel. These items will make your bathroom more enjoyable and inviting whether getting ready for a hectic day or taking time to recoup after a long day.


Unique Storage Solutions 

The storage solutions you choose for your bathroom remodel don’t have to be boring. Consider repurposing unconventional furniture like an armoire. It will provide extra storage and add a unique bathroom feature. There are numerous interesting options, from wall-mounted cabinets to floating shelving. Features like soft-close hinges and drawers enhance the overall high-quality feel of your bathroom.


Include Spa Items

After all the hard work of remodeling, homeowners have earned some luxury treatment with spa items like candles, luxurious bubble baths, and body washes. These can make the time you spend in your newly renovated bathroom even more relaxing and enjoyable. If you want to take it to the next level, use pretty decanters for your shower items like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Greenery is a huge element in having your bathroom feel like a spa. Plants help remove pollutants from the air but are also mood-boosting and relieve stress. If you lack a green thumb, keep things as easy as possible with a scattering of succulents throughout your bathroom.


When remodeling your bathroom, consider the finishing touches that will pull the look together. You can personalize your bathroom style with various options to fit your needs and tastes. Remember to focus on high-quality product finishes so your bathroom will look great for years. You can create an oasis of peace and tranquility with attention to the details that will make your renovated bathroom shine!

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