Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash is often the first thing people notice when they enter your kitchen. It can be very impactful in setting the mood for the heart of your home. An easy way to spruce up a kitchen is by adding a new backsplash or replacing a drab backsplash. 

Kitchen Backsplashes Offer Practical Benefits

Beyond their aesthetic value, kitchen backsplashes provide several practical benefits. They protect the wall behind your counters from everyday wear and tear. They also protect your walls from grease and food splatters. Backsplashes are a great way to hide imperfections in the wall behind your countertops, like chips and scratches, while adding style to your kitchen. 

Backsplashes are An Important Kitchen Design Element

The right backsplash can set the tone for your kitchen. They can create a fun and quirky vibe or a more sophisticated and elegant look. Creating a focal point in your kitchen is easily done with a well-designed backsplash. The placement of a backsplash can produce different effects. One that wraps around the kitchen radiates continuity, making small spaces seem larger. On the other hand, selectively adding a backsplash behind the range, sink, or stove can spotlight those areas. Incorporating decorative designs and colors in a backsplash can set the tone of a kitchen and add visual appeal.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Backsplash 

Establish a Budget

Are you looking for more affordable kitchen backsplash ideas or a more expensive material? What does the material cost? Will it be worth the cost of the material? There is a wide range of options with varying prices, so set your budget and do your best to stay within the amount you can easily afford. Online sellers and big box stores frequently offer deep discounts on backsplash tiles.


How much care will the backsplash require? Are there additional cleaning needs that come with your ideal backsplash? How durable is the material? Will it start to fade or easily chip over time? Is the material scratch-resistant? Will it withstand being bumped into with a countertop appliance? Consider the time required to keep various backsplash materials looking their best before making a choice.

Visual Appeal

Does the material complement your kitchen design? Does it enhance the look of your kitchen or detract from it? Will it help you achieve the focal point you desire? If the rest of your kitchen is fairly neutral, choose a patterned tile backsplash to add visual interest. 

Installation Costs

Is this a DIY project, or will you need to hire a contractor? Hiring a contractor will increase the cost, but an experienced contractor can do the project faster and have more professional-looking results. 

Popular Backsplash Materials

Backsplash materials, including tile, stone, glass, and ceramic, offer plenty of colors and design options. has an excellent online gallery to browse for ideas. Busier tiles might be trendy, but they won’t appeal to everybody. A simple backsplash design is probably the best choice for most kitchens.

Ceramic Tile 

Tile is easy-to-maintain, durable, versatile, and often inexpensive. Ceramic tiles come in many shapes, colors, and sizes, making them a popular choice for many homeowners. Maintaining ceramic is easy with periodic cleaning.

Glass Tile 

Glass tiles have benefits similar to ceramic in terms of versatility and low maintenance. They also have the added effect of reflecting light, making your space appear more spacious and brighter. They come in numerous shapes and sizes, from classic square tiles to long, thin bars. Some tiles offer a crystal-clear translucence, and others present a more matte effect.

Natural Stone  

Stone creates a more textured and organic look. Natural stone is durable and requires very little maintenance and cleaning. A wet cloth is all that’s needed to wipe away every day spills or splatters. It’s recommended to clean a natural stone backsplash occasionally with a gentle and neutral pH cleanser to keep it looking its best.

Porcelain Wood Tile

If you want wood’s elegant and rustic aesthetics but don’t want the drawbacks of natural wood, porcelain wood tiles are for you. Porcelain wood tile looks and feels like natural wood. These tiles are virtually indestructible and are easy to clean and maintain. There are several wood styles and textures to make your backsplash a stunning element of your kitchen.


Metals such as stainless steel, copper, and brass can elevate your kitchen’s style. Metal backsplashes brighten up the kitchen with their reflective natures. Metal backsplashes come in a large variety of sheens and textures, from smooth brushed metal to shiny and bold geometric patterns. They are easy to keep clean and relatively impervious to damage. 

Given all the advantages of a kitchen backsplash, it’s not surprising that many homeowners opt for this cosmetic and practical upgrade. However, picking the perfect material can be a bit overwhelming. Whatever style you choose, ensure that it coordinates with your other design elements for a cohesive look. An experienced contractor can help you select a backsplash material that will work best for your needs and install it with skill.

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